Is an open-source launcher to improve your productivity and efficiency.
Download now for free the latest version of the application and enjoy.

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Search everything

Search everything in few clicks. On your machine or in the Internet.

Interact with everything: open file in default program or reveal in finder, copy contact details to clipboard, see google suggestions.

See everything

Maps, translations, files. Now you don’t have to open another application to see what you need.

Everything is in one place.

Do everything

Using included plugin manager you always can find and use what you want.

There is no plugin that you are looking for? Use simple, but powerful API to build your own plugins and share them with community.

Open source

Cerebro is free and open-source.

Be a part of community: contribute your
improvements, suggestions and fixes.



Cerebro app is a launcher type application developed in electron. Its main advantage is the support for multiple OS with the possibility of creating and installing plugins to suit your needs.

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The Team

The cerebro-app is a big application that takes a lot of time. This is the main team that tries to contribute to the progress of the project.

  • Alexandr Subbotin

    Owner / Founder

  • Gustavo Pereira

    Owner / Core-commiter

  • Christoph Flick